About the Author

Dr. Becker is the Chief Economist at Becker North, Inc., an economic consulting firm based out of San Diego, California. His work focuses on two subfields within economics: empirical industrial organization and econometric modeling of demand. Empirical industrial organization is concerned with using data and economic modeling to predict and explain markets, including strategic interactions between companies and their customers. Econometrics is concerned with developing statistical tools to help economists answer questions from data.

Dr. Becker applies his expertise in a number of areas including valuing intellectual property, economic forecasting, and the study of online marketplaces. His professional experience includes applications to retail, aerospace, logistics, consumer electronics, internet marketing, semiconductors, networking, appliances, and pharmaceuticals. He has worked alongside top-tier law firms to provide careful, objective economic analysis in a variety of matters including the evaluation of lost profits, reasonable royalty, and secondary considerations of nonobviousness. Dr. Becker regularly speaks on issues relevant to the evaluation of damages in disputes over intellectual property.

Dr. Becker earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University where he was a recipient of the Anderson Fellowship. He also holds an M.Phil. and an M.S. in Economics from Yale University. Dr. Becker earned his B.A. in both Economics and Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin in Madison where he received numerous awards for excellence in his major areas of study. He was elected into Phi Beta Kappa as a junior.

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